What Does Gratitude Actually Do For You?

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Gratitude is the first section of the Personal Daily Deposit journal. You may be thinking - ‘Gratitude. Eye roll.’ It’s EVERYWHERE right now.

It’s true. And it’s everywhere for a reason.

I want to share what gratitude actually does FOR you.

Gratitude gives you a sense of peace in your heart. And what that means to you is - contentment.

Can you imagine - if everyday for just 30 days - you woke up with peace in your heart? There was a sense of quietness about you. A sense of restfulness and calmness. You handled situations and people with composure and ease. You went out of your way to use your words to encourage and uplift others.

That, my friends, is the power of gratitude.

That, my friends, is the power of the Personal Daily Deposit Journal.


The Personal Daily Deposit Journal is your roadmap to develop the winner inside of you. In addition to the practice of gratitude, the journal prompts you to internalize personal development, your game day list, and affirmations about who you are.

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