Holiday Gift Guide..For YOU!

I like to say all of the love languages are my love languages. But if I had to choose one, it would be gifts. I LOVE GIFTS.

I think this is why I love receiving notes from Austin in our Daily Deposit journal so much - it’s a gift to me. The actual note is a gift, and knowing his heart is a gift.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! Which means I am seriously excited about getting gifts for my loved ones, But I also love to let Austin know what I would like for Christmas so he doesn’t get me a gift card to amazon. (lol). Let’s set up our loved ones for success!

I asked you guys on my IG what you were asking for Christmas and I got some GREAT ideas!

Lots of you asked for everyone’s gift ideas for yourself so here you have it!

  1. Stand Up Desk

    • For us work at home people: YES. Standing while working helps so much. I found this really cute one. But there are also just standing desk attachments that can but put on top of your desk. That’s what Austin uses at work!


2. Cuyana Travel Toiletry Bag

  • Never heard of these. Now want them all.

3. Silk Pillowcase

  • Yall, I have it. I am a BELIEVER.

4. Apolis Bag

  • Trendy while grocery shopping? Yes please. You can even customize it!!! This is what I would make it say:


5. Tretorns



6. Multi-port USB Charging Station

  • I have linked the one that I use and love! I got it from The Gadget Girl, Tracie! Here is her IG. You need her in your life.

7. iLife Robot Vacuum (amazon)

  • I don’t do much vacuuming soooooo…. Probably a sign. I need it.

8. Heated blanket for car

9. Dyson Wand System

  • Very intrigued by this… VERY.

10. Golden Goose Tennis Shoes

  • Idk why these are so expensive. But I like them.

Macy McNeely Holiday Gift Guide.png

11. Weighted Blanket

  • This looks soooo cozy!

12. Landyn’s Key Ring

  • This is one item I am DEFINITELY asking for! I just sent it to my mom and Austin so they don’t forget. Landyn talks about them all the time. They are adorable!

13. Beats Bluetooth Headphones

  • I have some - not wireless - regular ones. And I gotta say, I love them.

14. Bombay Hair Curler

  • 5 in 1 curling wand?! Seems too good to be true.

15. Stackable Rings

  • Found these from Madewell that I love!


16. Airpods



17. Foreo

  • I’ve seen these on Instagram! Definitely interested.


18. Furbo

  • Essentially, an robot dog nanny. Wait WHAT. DID NOT know this existed.


19. Love Your Melon Beanie

  • You know how I feel about these hats. They are everything.

20. Dyson Hair Dryer

  • My sis has one. She loves it. I don’t wash my hair enough to buy it for myself. 😂

I hope that this was helpful in rounding out your holiday wish list!