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I’m Macy! I believe we can change and create the destiny of our life by choosing to live an intentional lifestyle. 

When I started making consistent small deposits into vital areas of life, my self belief came alive. And I KNOW it will do the same for you.

Wellness, sales training, personal development and relational well-being are my brands you might find value in.

Daily Deposit Journals

When you deposit daily positive things in your life, there is less room for the bad. Daily deposit prompts you to be able to do that.

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daily deposit - for your personal deposit

Personal Deposit: So you can be mindful of your progress becoming the winner you were meant to be.

  • Gratitude: Start the day with peace in your heart with gratitude statements.

  • Personal Development: Internalize your positive input (Ex: podcasts, books, etc.) for strength all day.

  • Affirmations: Awaken your subconscious with powerful affirmations. (An affirmation guide list is included in the journal.)

  • Game Day List: Challenge yourself with the tasks that feel difficult for you.

  • A “Notes” section on the back of each page for miscellaneous lists/thoughts.

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Daily deposit - for your relational deposit

Relational Deposit: build a heartfelt connection with your loved one while leaving a keepsake for your children and grandchildren

  • Grow closer to the one you love by sharing each other’s heart.

  • Share your heart: apologies, thoughts, challenges, disappointments, future plans, exciting news, vacation ideas, struggles, dreams, date nights, goals, motivation, praise, appreciation, encouragement, secrets, visions, memories, things you forget to say or things that don’t come natural to say. And watch your relationship blossom.

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Live Fully.

Picture this: You make your family the usual – Pasta, meat and sauce with cheese. You get everyone settled and you make your own version: zucchini noodles, chicken and a little olive oil. Your kids look over, see you’re having something different, and choose to forgo their normal pasta for ‘mom’s other pasta’. 

This is happening to my clients daily.

I am passionate about walking alongside women to change their lifestyle because WE ARE THE LEADERS! Whatever we do, our families will follow. We (for the most part) are the ones that choose the foods that are coming in the home and we’re choosing the weekly menu. What we feed ourselves surely overflows to what our husbands and kids eat, and even goes further to our friends, co-workers, etc. It is our responsibility to lead our families to a healthy life. And I want to help you do that.

LiveFully encompasses a complete lifestyle change: nutrition, supplements, exercise and personal development. Get ready to create a purposeful life.

Click HERE to apply!

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Lead Boldly.

I love to mentor specific clients to build an at-home business just as I have. I say specific because it takes a special kind of person to become an entrepreneur. You need drive, dedication, commitment and HARD WORK.

If you’re feeling stuck in life and you possess those qualities, fill out my application HERE and I will set up a time to book a call with you.